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Silicon Graphics Monitor Raspberry Pi Case


Recreate the real SGi Tower Of Power at home for a fraction of the price! 

Does it plays DOOM ? You bet it does (like any raspberry Pi 3-4 with retropie would, heh). Connect a blutoof controller and off you go.

Monitor's stand can SWIVEL!

Can also be used as a Stream Deck with Stream Pi!

or a paper weight. A great discussion  starter with your fellow nerds on game night!

see video of case in action here:

A 3D printable set of file for a raspberry Pi with a screen hat that looks like an old school CRT.

It's a kit! assembly required.

You will need:

raspberry pi (3b+ or 4)

3.5 Inch screen Hat that plugs right on top of the raspberry and the hdmi/mini hdmi plug thingy that comes with it (the UCTRONICS model I use is great. available from the usual online outlets)

a L shaped USB micro or C extension

bits of packing foam

a M3 bolt and nut to attach the stand to the monitor so it can swivel. Or just glue it. But you're missing out.

primer, paint, sanding paper etc...

What is provided:

STL files for CRT case (front of CRT with or without 3d SGi logo (if you want to make it a sony or whatevs) with mouse and keyboard

page of logos in the collection of images on this website ^^

*can also be used as a headless Pi with a piece of black painted PET or Lexan in place of a screen.

***SGi Crimson and Indigo seen in promotional pictures are NOT provided in the STL files. They are available as a separate purchase***

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