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Remi Benoist
Remi Benoist
3D Artist
Irvine, United States of America



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Software: Maya, Unity3D, Unreal, Zbrush, Substance Painter/Designer, Akeytsu, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Visual Source Safe, PerForce.

I have a strong knowledge of what games and game design are about, with experience in managing the art in contrast to the platforms limitations. I can create levels, characters and animations based from my own design or from concept art. I understand memory, polygon and texture budgets as well as loading times and streaming, playing with those limitations to create the best optimized levels possible.
I built over the years great relationships with my fellow workers and I created art pipelines that other artists could apply. I enjoy working in conjunction with designers and programmers to solve the problems arising with any product development. I make sure to keep the communication channels open and I am always available for changes and tweaks in my work and pipelines.
I always keep an eye on new technology and software. To keep the creative juices flowing and the skill set up to date, I sculpt and 3d print in my spare time.


August 2017-Present ODDROBOT (USA)
Provide 3D/2D art, sculpts, models, textures, animations, VR/AR and 3D print services to various clients.

March 2019-October 2019 Hyperkinetic Studios/Evening Star/Sega (USA)
IP Based Platform Game for Nintendo Switch
Lead Character Artist/ Animator

Sculpted, modeled, rigged and animated the main characters for a platform game for SEGA based on their IP. Portfolio images and demo reel only available upon request due to NDA.

April-June 2017 CREATE VR (USA)
Spider-Man: Homecoming - VR Exp (PSVR, VIVE, OCULUS)
Asset Artist/Matte Painter

Prototyped, modeled, textured and painted 360 background texture and low poly city buildings, with layout, shaders and integration in UE4.

August 2015-August 2018 Hyperkinetic Studios (USA)
Epic Tavern PC Lead Artist
Created the look and shaders, sculpts and art pipeline for the game 3D assets (environment, props and characters) in Unity. Directed the UI 2D assets and the character animations. Mentored the junior members of the team.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Drone UI Skyrocket Toys Art Direction
Helped on icons and UI layout concepts, mentored and directed UI artist.

January 2009 – April 2015 Sony Pictures Entertainment (USA)
10202 West Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232

Sony Music/DADC iOS/Android/PS4/PC Art Lead

Created and produced games on iOS, Android, Vita, PS4 and PC.
Produced concepts, designs and art assets (characters, environments, animations, lighting, FX, sounds, menus assets and icons...) and marketing material . Participated in the schedule and budget plannings as well as business development and pitch meetings with different partners.
Mentored and provided support to the junior members of the team.

Playstation Home Loot PS3 Senior Artist

Design, model, texture and animate props and costumes as well as environments and particles for the PlayStation Home platform using Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, xNormals.
I also worked with outsourcing studio (Virtuos) wrote out spec sheets and work bids, providing support and feedback.

The Hollywood Hills House: the best selling private apartment in PSHome.
The Loot Sound Stage: I helped design and produce the art for the studio set and props.
Various costumes and props for SPE Marketing (Ghostbusters, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, District 9, Battle: Los Angeles...)
I designed the Alien invasion event of 02/10 in Home and produced the art. It was the first costume in Home to not have a humanoid form.
I designed the concept and produced the art and animation for a 2D arcade games made for Home.

I also designed the company's Loot logo as well as the store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

May 2005 – December 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America (USA)
355 Bluff Dr. Suite 200 Bend, OR 97701

Resistance: Retribution PSP Senior Artist

I was responsible for the layout, final model, textures and lighting for the Trenches world (4 levels) in Maya; over-seeing the quality and performance of all the props and dynamic objects for game play and cinematic. I also helped in modeling, texturing and animating other dynamic object throughout the game.

During this time, SCEA applied on my behalf for a U.S. Patent Application entitled "AIMING USING THREE-DIMENSIONAL MOTIONS OF CONTROLLER" (SCEA06064US01) for the PS3 Sixaxis controller.

Siphon Filter Logan Shadow PS2/PSP Senior Artist

I designed level objects and elements for specific game-play sequences, building assets in 3DStudioMax with textures in Photoshop. I then animated the objects in a realistic fashion to match the characters actions or to give a sense of life to the level (falling debris, moving/crashing vehicles, swinging cables and chains, etc.) often adding a complex damage state to the objects. I also set the timing for special effects on the objects (explosions, flames, sounds).
I was working in conjunction with design and terrain artists, making sure that the objects would conform to the terrain and be fun to the player to interact with.
I maintained an exhaustive Excel list of assets with color codes that proved irreplaceable for the alpha/beta crunch phase. I also demonstrated some setup and animation tricks to the rest of the team.

I also participated to the U.S. Patent Application Entitled "GAME CONTROL USING THREE-DIMENSIONAL MOTIONS OF CONTROLLER" (SCEA06064US00) for the PS3 Sixaxis controller and I wrote several game design concepts.

Siphon Filter Dark Mirror PS2/PSP 03/06 Artist II

I modeled level layout in 3D with 3DSMax, applying textures created in Photoshop, with special optimizations for the specific game engines of the PS2 and the PSP. I then make sure that the level exports properly and make the level available for testing by the designer with PerForce assets management software. I was responsible for the polish and maintenance of all the dynamic objects in the levels during the Alpha/Beta phase of the game.

June 2001 – May 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment America (USA)
919 E. Hillsdale Blvd. Foster City, CA 94404

Action/fighting game PS2 Artist II

An action/fighting game with innovative gun play. It follows a similar style as Rise to Honor but with a different story line, like a new movie staring Jet Li.

I designed and built level maps in Maya in coordination with the level designer and the concept artist, and then I built the final geometry of the level with props in Maya and textures with Photoshop. I then setup the lighting and rendered the light maps with Turtle Render and added the special effects (particles, animated textures and reflections). I also used Visual Source Safe for assets management.

During pre-production, I researched and built a pipeline for a new lighting solution and entered the beta program of Illuminate Labs for the Turtle Render, which ended in SCEA buying several licenses of the render for the game and in other studios (SCEE).

Rise to Honor PS2 02/04 Artist II

Action/fighting game with a strong Hong Kong flick feel. I started at SCEA on the pre-production of Rise to Honor, building props and textures and gathering references.
I was at first involved in building and designing parts of a levels with Maya and textures in Photoshop, then I was trusted with the modeling of entire levels for the game. I worked concurrently with programmers and designers in improving the design and look of the environments I was assigned to do.
Toward the end of the project, I helped improve the dynamic lighting system and I implemented all the dynamic lights on all the levels and In-Game Cinematic.

Mars 1997 – May 2001 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (UK)
15 Great Marlborough St. London W1F 7HR U.K.
+44 (20) 7859 0000

The Getaway PS2 09/03 Artist

I worked on the pre-production of “The Getaway”, first on PS1, then on PS2. I worked on building the cityscapes of central London in Alias Maya, taking reference photos on site, preparing the textures in Photoshop and model the various props and buildings.
During this time, I wrote and published an article on Gamasutra on shadow maps in Maya.

This is Football PS1 12/99 Artist

I modeled and textured most of the real world stadiums present in the game as well as the bonus playgrounds in Alias and Photoshop, making sure to meet the different restrictions of the real-time game engine. I modeled the multiple players’ faces geometry and I helped design the face texture swapping tool. I also helped in gathering and cleaning the vast amount of motion capture data. I worked very closely with programmers, designing special effects for the pitch, flags and particle systems.

Prior Experience

I trained as a Junior Art Director for McCann Ericsson in Paris (France) for a few months, and worked on CG sequences for 2 educational series for the French Public Broadcasting on 3D Studio Max for a year.


College of San Mateo (USA) 2002-2004
AA (High Honors) in Multimedia: Digital Media

Gobelins Animation School (France) 1991-1992
3D Animation

Efet Media School (France) 1990-1991
Commercial Arts

Fluent in French and English


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Software proficiency

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